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Momma Named Me Sheriff

Momma Named Me Sheriff
  • Bewertung: 6,10
  • Jahr der Ersterscheinung: 2019
  • Genres: Анимация
  • Länder: USA
  • Dauer: 11 Minuten

He still lives at home with his Momma, his best friend is a doll, and he's the Sheriff of Old Town.

  • When Floyd eats Sheriff's hat, Sheriff becomes convinced that nobody will respect his authority without it.
  • When Sheriff learns that he was once a bully to a long lost schoolmate, he sets out to right his wrong.
  • When Sheriff and Deputy Goodman get stuck in their cruiser, Sheriff tries to use their time to get to know each other better.
  • When Goodman's leg get cut off and stolen, his search for the leg thief lands him in the first grade, where he is mistaken for a child
  • Sheriff tries to cheer up Carl by finding him a bald cure. Meanwhile, Tommy feels responsible for jeopardizing an astronaut's life.
  • When Goodman buries his family TV, it rises from the grave and demands to be entertained.
  • Sheriff confesses to his secret encounters with “Sunday Man,” a man made of ice cream.
  • Previously, on Momma Named Me Sheriff…
  • When the President of the United States comes to Old Town for a sleep over at Sheriff's, Sheriff turns into a dinosaur and eats a bunch of children. Just kidding, that doesn't happen, but some other stuff does. Just watch it.
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