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  • Year of issue: 2019
  • Genres: Drama
  • Countries: United States

A Philadelphia couple are in mourning after an unspeakable tragedy creates a rift in their marriage and opens the door for a mysterious force to enter their home.

  • Leanne, a young nanny, is hired to care for baby Jericho. But all is not as it seems.
  • As Leanne settles in, Sean worries that Dorothy and Jericho are not in good hands.
  • Sean enlists Dorothy's brother, Julian, to monitor her relationship with Leanne.
  • Leanne disobeys an order and discovers why Sean is so protective of baby Jericho.
  • With Dorothy and Sean gone for the day, Leanne makes a new friend.
  • Leanne's strange uncle arrives unexpectedly. Dorothy fights to keep her nanny.
  • Dorothy throws a tense dinner party. Sean entrusts Leanne to help keep a secret.
  • Julian is forced to relive a dark memory during a night of babysitting.
  • Leanne acts out at Dorothy after learning the truth about baby Jericho.
  • After Jericho's baptism, uninvited guests force difficult decisions. Season finale.
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