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  • 평점: 8.20
  • 발행 연도: 2017
  • 장르: History, Biography, Drama
  • 국가: United States
  • 기간: 43 분
  • 복잡성: 8

Genius는 저명한 과학자와 예술가들의 삶을 해설하는 TV 시리즈입니다. 각 시즌마다 인류에 큰 공헌을 한 인물들을 다루는데요. 첫 시즌은 과학자 아인슈타인을 소재로 진행됩니다.

  • The life of the 20th century’s most brilliant icon, Albert Einstein, was full of passionate, volatile relationships.
  • After butting heads in class, Einstein falls in love with the determined Mileva Maric. Their affair raises eyebrows.
  • Einstein struggles to support his pregnant wife and land an academic post in a rigid world of tradition and protocol.
  • Albert Einstein and Mileva juggle raising a kids with his attempts to catch the eye of the scientific establishment.
  • Einstein begins to experience the academic life he coveted, but he falters in his familial responsibilities. He is reintroduced to his cousin Elsa.
  • Einstein moves his family for work, and to be closer to his new love, Elsa. He sets out to prove his theory as his marriage reaches a breaking point.
  • In the wake of the war, patriotism corrupts one of Albert Einstein’s closest friends, Fritz Haber, pitting them against each other.
  • Einstein and his wife Elsa attempt to flee Germany after the rise of the Nazis, but they face unexpected roadblocks.
  • Albert Einstein settles into life in America, but dangers abroad continue to be a threat to both him and his former colleagues.
  • After the atomic bomb is dropped and World War II draws to a close, Einstein assumes the role of world citizen in his twilight years.
  • Pablo Picasso confronts the threat of fascism in Spain, and Young Pablo rejects traditional painting to search for his own voice.
  • Picasso's relationship with Dora Maar is strained by war. Young Pablo succeeds by imitating the masters, but struggles to be original.
  • Picasso meets his great love Franoise Gilot. Young Pablo begins his Blue Period after the suicide of his friend.
  • As older Picasso juggles two love affairs, Young Pablo strives to create a masterpiece that will signal his arrival as a great artist.
  • Picasso tries to convince Franoise to move in with him, while Young Pablo is challenged by the radical genius of Matisse.
  • Picasso takes Franoise Gilot on vacation. Young Pablo starts cubism with Georges Braque, but is accused of stealing the Mona Lisa.
  • After WWII, Picasso joins the Communist Party. He is haunted by a tragic love affair.
  • Pablo meets his first wife, a ballerina, while designing a ballet. Older Picasso struggles to manage his complex family.
  • Franoise Gilot defies Picasso and pursues her artistic goals. Meanwhile a young Dora Maar strives to meet Picasso.
  • After Franoise leaves him, Picasso withdraws from society to create the perfect painting.
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