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State of the Union

State of the Union
  • 평점: 8.10
  • 발행 연도: 2019
  • 장르: Comedy, Drama
  • 국가:
  • 기간: 10 분

Tom and Louise meet in a pub immediately before their weekly marital therapy session. With each successive episode we piece together how their lives were, what drew them together and what has started to pull them apart.

  • Louise and Tom prepare for their first marital counselling session and try to work out how they got to this point.
  • Tom commends himself for the courage it took to turn up late to last weeks session and promises to be there from the beginning this week.
  • Tom and Louise discuss the lost passion in their relationship – is passion something that can be found again?
  • Tom asks Louise to back him up in a lie with their counsellor – is it them against the world or not?
  • Following a bad session, Tom has moved out. This could be the start of a slippery slope.
  • Tom makes an effort, but Louise complains that it feels contrived.
  • Louise admits that she's ashamed of Tom's unemployment. They decide to communicate more openly.
  • Louise and Tom reflect on why and how they got together in the first place.
  • Louise and Tom discuss a breakthrough in their relationship - Louise wonders what it means.
  • Tom has moved back in and feels that their issues are resolved.
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